A students' Competition


A students' competition

myDetour Exhibition students' competition is part of the project Detour, as a viral project involving the Moleskine community, inviting to share itineraries, drawings, stories and ideas of the cities.
The Detour show stops at Istanbul thanks to a shared project involving Moleskine, Domus Academy, Bilgi University and Santralistanbul.


The Audience

The competition is open to all the interested students of the ongoing Masters of:
- Domus Academy (Milan and Rome);
- Istanbul Bilgi University, Design Culture and Management Program and of the MFA in Visual Communication Design and of the March in Architectural Design and other Bilgi University's students.


Subject of the competition

Creation of a Moleskine City Notebook, representing the cities of Istanbul, Milan or Rome, personalized with notes, drafts, and stories about life experiences, showing a personal and original aspect. During the launch, the Notebooks will be distributed by Moleskine to the students that intend to participate in the competition. There will be a selection of the personalized Moleskine City Notebooks, and the selected ones will have the chance to participate to Detour/myDetour Exhibition. Participants will give their notebooks to the no profit foundation lettera27.



There will be selected 20 Moleskine City Notebooks that will be exposed during Detour/myDetour Exhibition in Istanbul in 2009. All the notebooks selected will be permanently exhibited here, and exhibited during other public events organized by Moleskine.
The two first Notebooks selected by the jury will respectively be awarded with:

  • N. 1 round flight ticket to the Detour/myDetour Exhibition in Istanbul (from Milan or Rome to Istanbul and return);
  • N. 1 round flight ticket to the next Detour/myDetour Exhibition in Europe (from Istanbul to the selected European city and return).


Registration and Deadline

The interested students must fill out a registration form to the competition and sign the attached agreeement. After the registration, they will receive the Moleskine City Book of the selected city.
The launches of the competition will take place according to the following calendar:
- Launch I - Rome, site Master Med, via Ticino 14, March 10th, 2008;
- Launch II - Milan, site Domus Academy, Via Watt 27, March 31st, 2008;
- Launch III - Istanbul, site santralistanbul, room E4 305, April 1st, 2008.
The works must be received by and not later than June 15th, 2008.
The jury will gather within July 31st 2008 and the names of the 2 winners will be communicated during the press conference of the presentation of Detour Exhibition Istanbul during the Istanbul Design Week (16th - 20th October, 2008).
Maria Sebregondi, Moleskine Brand and Communication manager, Raffaella Guidobono, Moleskine consultant and curator for Moleskine Detour Exhibition, and from time to time the managers and the teams of Domus Academy Milan and Rome and of the Bilgi University will participate to the launches.
The notebooks participating to the competition will be donated from the participants to the nonprofit foundation lettera27.



- Raffaella Guidobono, Moleskine Consultant
- Maria Sebregondi, Moleskine Brand e Communication manager
- Serhan Ada, director of the Master in Design and Management, member of the management board of santralistanbul
- Nevat Sayin, Istanbul Bilgi University
- Ved_MA, santralistanbul
- Emilio Genovesi, Direttore Generale Domus Academy
- Monica A.G. Scanu, Direttore Master MED Domus Academy - Irfi