Alfonso Femia (1966) and Gianluca Peluffo (1966), are co-founders of the Studio 5+1, established in Genoa in 1955, whilst in 2005 they created the architectural agency 5+1AA.

Alfonso Femia is a professor at KSU in Florence and a professor in architecture at the Ferrara University.

His colleague Gianluca Peluffo is a Researcher in the faculty of Architecture in Genoa. In the same year that their agency was founded in 2005, and in collaboration with Rudy Riccotti, 5+1AA won the International contest for the Nuovo palazzo del Cinema di Venezia.

In 2006 Femia and Peluffo opened an Atelier in Milan and in the following year opened yet another agency in Paris, where they developed the Master Plan for Milan's EXPO in 2015.

In 2008 5+1AA, J.B. Peltri, and Italiana Costruzioni Spa, won the international contest for the Development System of the Fiera di Milano.

The agency is highly sought after in France for both private and public projects such as: the Cultural and Music centre of Ris Organis (Paris); the school complex of Boulevard Mc Donalds Paris; the law courts of Martigues (Marseille); the Poitiers University Hospital Centre.

Website: www.5piu1aa.com