Alan Chan


Alan Chan is one of the few Hong Kong-trained graphic designers to have achieved international recognition. During his forty years in advertising and design, he and his company have won more than 600 awards, both local and international. In 1989, Alan was named Designer of the Year by the Hong Kong Artist Guild. In 1996, his company was selected by Graphis Press in New York as one of the Graphis Ten Best design firms in the world. Due recognition to his significant contribution to the design industry was given in 2002 when he was awarded the Medal of Honour (M.H.) by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

Since 2000, he has ventured into the new arena of fine arts. Two pieces of his photographic installation art "Kyoto" were exhibited in Art Basel in Switzerland. In October 2002, his work of installation art, "A Bowl of Rice Feeds People of All Kinds", was exhibited at and Bargehouse in London. In 2002 and 2006, his work was exhibited at the Shanghai Biennale, and his work "A Brand New Game," a set of digital prints, became a permanent collection of the Museum.