Alterstudio partners

alterstudio_partners_490.gif alterstudio partners have been founded in 1996, and works in the field of programming of architectural and urban projects of open and public areas. They also elaborate functional programs for cultural buildings, museums and libraries. Alterstudio partners develops cultural and research projects, and takes care of their communication and exposition.

tamassociati works on social architecture and communication. This organization sustains social rights and responsible development and attains itself to ethic principals. Tam imagines "achievable utopias" and is a collective project that unites professionals in the field of architecture, landscape project, graphic of social communication. It carries forth actions in favor of human rights and sustainable development through public institutions and non-profit organizations.

MetriCubi is an association established in Venice that exists since 2008. It is open to initiatives and ideas brought forth by organizations that operate on territory, and has created an intense cultural program composed by laboratories, concerts, and meeting.

Massimo Scotti works in the editorial field and teaches at Universities in Milan and Naples. His texts and studies focus mainly on myths and journey literature.

Marta Gerardi was born in Mirano in 1978. She graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, and is an illustrator.