Cheng Liang 程亮

Artwork description:

I treat my Moleskine as a hatching egg, a life emerging from its cocoon, and a niche where the moments of my inspiration are stored.

I owe my idea to my pet tortoise, a Chinese type, who laid an egg on the floor.

"During the creation process, an artist will always keep record of his inspiration with a Moleskine. For example, I had a dream, which turned out to be a source of inspiration. If I caught and recorded the dream, it might develop into a poem, a song, a story, a screenplay, or a movie. Therefore, to me, Moleskine means incubating, or the nurturing of an embryo."

Born in Shanghai in 1979, Cheng Liang is a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy's Department of Directing. He is now CEO of Daxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., and also the founder of and

Cheng Liang was president of Shanghai Senyin Technology Ltd. from 2005-2007 and instantly attracted media attention nationwide as a successful young upstart. Later, he launched China's first private mobile phone film festival and produced "White Collar Gangsters," a mobile phone series. In 2007, he founded Daxiang Information Technology Co., Ltd., and appeared in the Asian edition of Newsweek. One year later, he launched Recession, a public welfare website at, which again initiated a surge of internet interaction. Along with, these efforts have all received broad worldwide media coverage.