Giada Ripa

giada_ripa_490_2.gifRaised in Brussels and in London, Giada Ripa graduated in Political Science - International Relations at the University of Milan. She then moved to New York to study at the International Centre of Photography in New York (ICP).

Based in New York she began her career in 1999, working both as an artist exhibiting her artistic art work in the US, Europe and China, and as a correspondent photographer (represented by Grazia Neri agency) for some of the most influential Italian and foreign magazines.

In 2000 Denis Curti curates her first solo show at the Spazio San Carpoforo. In 2002, Biz-Art, in Shanghai, and the Italian Insitute of culture of Beijing invited Giada to present her work in two solo shows. Since then a great deal of her personal and artistic project has subsequently been focused in that area of the world; China, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.

Since 2005, she has been collaborating and teaching photography at the Domus Academy in Milan and at the ICP in New York. In 2006, her work was selected to be featured in a book "Imagining Ourselves: Voices of a new generation of Women", released by the International Museum of Women of San Francisco and exhibited at the UN in New York in 2006.

She is currently developing a new book project "Beyond the Oil Route", retracing the face of humanity beyond the former "Silk Route", today known as the "Oil Route".