Giancarlo Carnevale

Giancarlo Carnevale was born in Naples in August 1942, where he graduated at the School of Architecture in 1969. He worked as a teacher and researcher at the School of Architecture of Pescara (1970), of Naples (1971-1984) of Venice (1985-1989) of Palermo (1989-1992) and then returned to Venice where he presently works and lives. He is a professor in Architectural Composition at the Faculty of Architecture of the Venice University Iuav. In 2003 he was director of an undergraduate course in Science of Architecture as well as director of the Planning Department. Since 2006 he is the dean of the Faculty of Architecture in Iuav and runs a degree class at the Sustainable Architecture studio of a graduated course.

As Dean his main goal is to increase the internationalisation of the Faculty. His interests are focused on disciplinary knowledge transmission systems by researching theoretically and practically on the didactic of the planning and architectural composition, as well as territorial studies.

His works have been exhibited worldwide, and have been the object of many symposiums and articles. He has been editor in chief of the Magazine «Drago», council member of «Aura», and has contributed in many other specialistic magazines. He is the author of many texts such as: Fuscaldo, racconti di pietra, Cosenza o dell'assenza, La spirale ostinata, Caro studente ti scrivo.