Han Han

han_han_490.gifBorn in Shanghai in 1982, Han Han is a famous bestselling author, race car driver, magazine editor and blogger. In recent years he has won more championships in top racing events in China than any other driver, including the China Rally Championship and China Circuit Championship. He is also the only dual champion in the rallies and circuits of China's professional racing history.

In 2000, Han published his novel "Triple Gate," which has to date sold a record-breaking 2.037 million copies, making it the bestselling literary title in two decades. "Five Year Anthology of Han Han," published in March 2004, has also sold well and has been translated into French, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese, and Japanese. The book also became a French bestseller in October 2004.

In 2006, he launched his blog on Sina, which has since been visited more than 300 million times, and is among the most frequently visited blogs in China. Each article receives more than 500,000 visits and over 5000 comments on average.