Jean Blanchaert


Jean Blanchaert, manager of a contemporary art gallery specialising in glass and ceramics, has always had a passion for drawing and illustration. He collaborates with the publishing houses Il Ponte alle Grazie and Guanda, as well as with the magazine Arte Dossier. Since 1998, he occasionally provides illustrations for the Franco Parenti Theatre, based on ideas by Andreè Shammah. As an excellent calligraphist, he has taken part in five editions of Telecom's Progetto Italia, between 2002 and 2007, and in the exhibition Utopia, organized by Telecom Italia in 2004. Also in 2004, he exhibited at the Galleria Affiche in Milan. He designed the 2005 Italgas Award in Turin and the graphic work for the 2006 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition at the Milan Trade Fair.

His interest in glass is quite recent, stemming from seven spheres produced in collaboration with Silvano Signoretto for the 2004 Telecom Award. The following year he began on his glass bestiary series. In 2006, in collaboration with Idarica Gazzoni, he drew and produced, together with Silvano Signoretto, 60 wind blades for the centenary of the Falck plant. He exhibited his first collection of glass animals at the exhibition "Mirabilia Fiunt", organised by the Berengo Studio in Parma in 2006. For "Emozioni Italiane" - a Berlucchi-Zanotta project (Milan, 2007), with Gherardo Frassa as art director - he produced numerous calligrams, put on show at the "Mai dire Mao" exhibition (Parma, 2007).

Job: Artist

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