Jin Xuanmin 金选民

xuanmin_jin_490.gif Artwork description
Shanghai Shots
This Moleskine Detour features Jin Xuanmin's ideas and style, and the development of his photography. The notebook tells a tale in images about the culture and customs of old Shanghai and its people, and the contrast between old and new Shanghai as times change. The colorful sky photo series, for example, portrays the skyline filled by bright red or green in each shot, making old Shanghai's unique Shikumen neighborhood stand out. Other series focus on old Chinese township residences, local architecture, historical figures and people, rich and poor alike, enjoying life.

Jin Xuanmin was born in 1963 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang.. He works primarily in interior design and photography, most notably art photography. His work "Meet East and West," was published in Interior Design and Construction in 2005, where his photographs received international recognition.

In July 2005 he held a successful personal exhibition at Shanghai M50 Art Community. Subsequent works have attracted many buyers and collectors, resulting in collaborations with design companies and art galleries, including the Mark Peet Visser Gallery in Holland and the Jinjiang Group. He also became a contributing photographer for Interior Design and Construction (Shanghai).

He participated in a group exhibition at one of China's most influential galleries, the Shanghai Gallery of Art-three on the Bund, in March, 2008. His work has been selected as the relief prototype in the Shanghai Expo 2010 in December 2010.