Lu Kun

lu_kun_490.gifBorn and raised in Shanghai, Lu Kun is China's first genuinely internationally renowned fashion designer. Inspired by the city that he loves, he is surrounded by his muses: the modern women of Shanghai. Using couture techniques which are almost contradictory in today's fashion world, he creates a post-fusion style called "Shanghai-chic".

His deliberate cuts and designs accentuate the supple curves of today's modern woman, giving his exclusive clientele an overwhelming air of female power. This combined with delicate accents of girlish femininity becomes a perfect balance of yin and yang.

His accomplishments include receiving the Best Young Designer in China award from the Shanghai Fashion Federation (2004), the Nokia Fashion Diamond Award (2004), and Top 10 Overall Fashion Design Masters of China (2005). While operating his own studio (opened in 2003), Lu Kun has also gone on to mentor students at La Salle International Fashion School.

His designs have been exhibited throughout the world. References include: Shanghai's Fashion Week; Jendela Visual Arts Space of the Esplanade in Singapore; Couture Fashion Show at Raffles City in Singapore; Moscow Fashion Show; the 2nd Annual Munich International Fashion Day; and London's Victoria and Albert Museum.