Maia Sambonet


Maia Sambonet was born in Milan in 1981 and trained at Central St Martins College of Art&Design, London. She lives and works between London and Italy. Maia Sambonet's work often involves texts and art books and relies on the need for istinctual process, yet continually questions notions of finite detail and artistic integrity. Her research explores the boundaries between drawing, writing and performance, witnessing the ways they merge in an experiential whole. Recent pieces have seen whole theatre sets drawn meticulously into miniature. Prior and throughout her studies Maia collaborates with a range of editorial and theatre projects, such as the Architectural Review Lotus International and Rizzoli, Teatro Litta and Franco Parenti in Milan. In London she contributes to many site-specific performances among which PunchDrunk's Faust, Wapping, 2006. Maia recent shows exhibition Vivo con Fuoco at AKA, a site-specific show in London inspired by the biblical story of Jonah in the whale and she is now opening a Public Project for the Municipal Council in Milano wrapping the Old Romanian Porta Nuova.

Job: Artist