MC Yan

mc_yan_490.gif Artwork description
The Moleskine notebook has always been Syan's "thinking tool" on the go. Having grown up in Hong Kong under cross-cultural influence between China and the west, Syan writes both horizontally from left to right, or vertically from right to left, when writing in Chinese characters. ....

In this artwork, Syan explores the interaction between his Moleskine notebook and its movie presentation, playing first with the observation of how a thought is written and could be read, and following with an observation of how the Moleskine is presented in a movie clip, its order and disorder.

Syan, a.k.a. MC Yan, returned to Hong Kong in 1997 after studying fine art in France. He is best known as one of the first Chinese rappers and graffiti artists, as well as a freelance designer and cultural activist...Due to the controversial nature of his music and street art, Syan was interviewed by outlets such as Time Magazine (Asia), CNN, and Newsweek, despite being locally maligned as a bad influence. In 2006 Syan formed his own music label, Fu©KinMusic (福建音樂), for free downloads. He also started a design label named NingSiBuQu (寧死不屈) and an underground online radio station,, to express himself creatively.