Naomi Kawase

Kawase Kawase's notebook is a series of Japanese writing and sketches to be read as poetic signs and symbols.

Her original documentary films "Ni Tsutsumarete" (1992) and "Katatsumori" (1994) caught the spotlight both domestically and abroad‚including the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 1995. Kawase won the award‚ Camera D'Or‚ for her debut feature film "Suzaku" (1996) at the Cannes International Film Festival in 1997 as the youngest winner in its history. She has made serveral film and documentaries since then and has bee awarded many prizes around the world. In addition‚ Kawase is engaged on other creative works‚ such as commercial films‚ novels ("Suzaku" and "Hotaru")‚ and free local paper "Kumie & Nara-machi Bunko Newspaper."Her documentary film "Tarachime" (2006) received Special Prize at the Yamagata International Film Festival in 2007 and "Mogari no Mori" (2007) won the Grand Prix winning film of the 60th Cannes International Film Festival. A DVD-BOX‚ containing Kawase's early documentary films with special features was released in 2008.

Job: Film Director