Olimpia Ferrari


Olimpia Ferrari was born in Rome in 1980 and since she was very young began to explore through the camera Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Japan and United States. In November 2004 her first solo show, "Photographies of travel", at the New York University, Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo'. In April 2005 at Rome International Festival FotoGrafia, in March 2006 she obtained the Special Mention INAIL in the Competition of Visual Arts about the feminine work "the Other part of the job" organized by the ANMIL-INAIL. From 2006 to present she attends the New York International Center of Photography. The lives of urban people remind the architecture of their cities and in miniature, they evoke the equally complex mechanisms of microchips, within which their ideas, communications, and cultural exchanges move. These displacements show that architectural elements are linked to computer components not just by a conceptual similarity but also by an aesthetic resemblance. Buildings, windows, streets, neighborhoods, integrated circuits and interconnecting layers are all three-dimensional forms projected by the human brain in order to circulate energy. Despite the fact that their physical dimensions make them polar opposites.

Country: Italy
Job: artist