oops_crew_3rd_490.gif Artwork description

This Moleskine is quite different from my previous ones. It is a good summary and example of my career of graffiti. It sums up what I am endeavoring to accomplish in 3D graffiti art.

This is a Moleskine with an easy and light reggae rhythm, written with a simple pen free of restraint, excess, or complication.

I have drawn inspiration from my love notes to Shanghai. Of the buildings in my picture, some have disappeared, and others have not yet been built. They are integrated with elements of the Shanghai Centre under construction and works created by OOPS Crew. The Moleskine is a 360-degree panoramic composition, its skyline painted in abstract graffiti.

This Moleskine features deformed letters coupled with rich visual elements and a background of ink effects, making the letters themselves a form of art.

We use two Chinese characters, 涂鸦, for the word 'graffiti,' but in fact they are two different things. Graffiti comes from the street, from graffiti artists annotating life and responding to their surroundings. The Chinese word 涂鸦 is a casual doodle. Graffiti is a mission statement.

OOPS Crew is a team of artists and designers who love graffiti and life. Our stand is "Renew the City." What we are doing is an act of revolution.