Piero Golia


Piero Golia was born in 1974 in Naples. He lives in Los Angeles, CA. He is considered one of the most interesting young emerging contemporary artists. His work has been shown in major museums and galleries all over the world, Turin, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Moscow, New York.
Eccentric and provocative he makes installations which involve the audience, as in Faccio sul Serio presented in 2002 in Milano where a visible electric flux goes through a gold inscription informing the audience about the dangers surrounding them. In his works he plays with dimensions as in Retrospettiva a model museum in which all his productions are reproduced in miniatures alternating technological and physical issues. When the Tirana Biennal invited him to participate, he arrived in his own boat. Killer Shrimps is his first feature film. He is now working on his first Musical.