Véronique Ovaldé


Véronique Ovaldé lives and works in Paris. She is the author of the novels Et Mon Coeur transparent, soon to be translated by Minimumfax Publisher, and since 2000 she wrote The Sleep of Fishes (Les Sommeil de Poissons), All Things Shimmering (Toutes choses scintillant), and Generally I Like Men (Les hommes en général me plaisent beaucoup). Kick the Animal Out (Déloger l'animal), originally published as by Actes Sud in France and Leméac in Canada, is her fifth novel. Her vivid imagination construct her own explanation of human contradictions. Ovaldé reflects on desire and consumption, passion and lost, ubiquitous and living matter experiences. Quoting her, she tells " stories to link thinks together and inseparable, knowing how to construct a powerful plot, throughout malleable sentences and movement, giving each characters depth, breathing mysterious and unshakable life." The novels analyses situations, behaviour and gestures of our humanity and proposes a new world in which we can ben liberated from the image of an idealized body or a structured way of think.

Job: writer