Wang Xiaohui

wang_xiaohui_490.gif Wang Xiaohui is a photographer living in Munich and in Shanghai. She has exhibited at many galleries around the world, winning awards at home and abroad.  One of her best known works is the Red Boy series.

Wang has published over 40 books and photo catalogues, including her award-winning autobiography My Vision Diary, which has been reprinted more than thirty times.

In 2006, she founded Tongji International Media Art Center (TIMAC) and was named by Phoenix Life one of 50 Chinese individuals who will change the world.

In recent years Wang has won an array of titles, such as honorable member of BFF and Outstanding Photographer (Germany), Star Artist of Master St. Moritz Art Festival (Switzerland), Annual International Photographer of SMG (Shanghai, China), and Annual Artist of NF Daily (Guangdong Province, China).