Zhang Yuan 张元

zhang_yuan_490.gif Artwork description
At Moleskine's invitation, Zhang used his little notebook to keep record of the people and objects around him. He hopes that the single-lined sketches can bring a sense of beauty to his art-loving friends.

Film director Zhang Yuan got his start studying painting during his childhood. After graduating from the Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor's degree in 1989, He became an independent producer and a prime mover in the field of contemporary Chinese film. Zhang was selected as one of the Young World Leaders of the 21st Century (Times Weekly), one of the 100 Young People Who Will Influence the Next Century (China Youth), and one of Top 10 National Young People (New Weekly and Sina, China). In 1999, his work Seventeen Years won the Best Director at Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia.  Zhang was awarded the Culture and Peace Prize (United Nations, 2001), and Robert Bresson Prize (Vatican, 2006). Since 1989, he has directed or produced 14 films and many short movies and music videos. Meanwhile, Zhang is also engaged in stage operas and has held personal photography exhibitions in 2008 and 2010.