Joachim Frost

FrostJoachim Frost was born in 1971 in Frankfurt but moved to Michelstadt in the Odenwald in 1979 and grew up there. This contrast between the urban context and nature marks also his own view of design. In the beginning he studied physics but did not go as far as obtaining a degree in it; subsequently he changed to architecture, with a focus on industrial design. This tension between a scientific and rational feeling and artistic freedom is distinctive to his creations. During his studies he won several awards and grants: including the exhibition for his doctoral degree at the Biennale of Architecture in Rotterdam in 2003. Berlin has been his adoptive city since 1996, even if he loves travelling around the world. And so he has lived and/or worked in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Tokyo and Bangkok. Since 2004 he has worked as an architect and a designer. He has a strong preference for clients from the fashion world and created "Stiks", a table that can be "constructed" with six pieces. In 2008 he received an important recognition, the IF Design Award and he exhibited at the DMY in Berlin.