Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine 2

Size (inches): 5.1 x 8.2
Size (cm): 13 x 21
ISBN 13: 978-88-6732-588-7


The Livescribe Notebook by Moleskine is an elegantly designed blank space that brings thoughts and ideas straight to your device as you write on its pages. Using the Bluetooth technology of the Livescribe 3 Smartpen and dot paper, its content instantly appears in the app in real time.

The notebook features the iconic Moleskine design details, from the familiar rounded corners, ivory-coloured pages and ribbon bookmark to the elastic closure and “in case of loss…” label printed on the flyleaf. Its center-stitched binding ensures the notebook lies flat, for an enjoyable writing experience. The on-page commands which enable quick access to the app’s features, including voice recognition, have also been redesigned in the Moleskine style. Two bookmarks are stored in the back pocket with further commands for the Livescribe smarpen. Lastly, the debossed pattern on the cover subtly recalls the design of the smartpen, a perfect finish for this innovative tool that bridges analog and digital.*

The Moleskine Livescribe Notebooks are available in #1 and #2 and work with all Livescribe smartpens.

*To perform its many operations, your Livescribe smartpen requires Livescribe™ dot paper. This paper is standard paper with printed microdots on its surface. These dots are nearly invisible to the human eye. However, the smartpen can easily see these dots and uses them to know which page you are writing on and the exact location on that page. The smartpen can even see these dots through the ink you write on your pages.
The microdot pattern on each page is based on technology from Anoto AB.

Moleskine Livescribe dot paper uses standard paper printed with a unique pattern of dots that allows your smartpen to capture the exact location of everything it writes or draws. Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe dot paper.

Note: Please do not use two identically numbered Single Subject Notebooks at the same time because the smartpen will recognize any identically numbered Single Subject Notebook as the same notebook.
Before using any new paper product, please check to see that your smartpen is using the latest available firmware.

Livescribe is a trademark of Livescribe Inc., Oakland, California, 94621All rights reserved. The ANOTO word mark and logos are owned by the ANOTO Group. Positioning pattern Copyright 1999 ANOTO AB. the product or it use is covered by United States patent No. 6,529,920