Abbas Kiarostami

Kiaro_home.jpg As one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of his time, Abbas Kiarostami is known for his storytelling genius and powerful use of imagery. To commemorate the combined screening of his films at the Museum of Modern Art and exhibit of his photography at P.S. 1, Moleskine created a customized notebook and cahier embodying the aesthetic spirit of the legendary artist. After all, a Moleskine is more than just a tool, it can also be a work of art.
Kiaro_08.jpg Kiaro_06.jpgThe title of the MoMA event, Abbas Kiarostami: Image Maker, embraces the values of Moleskine, which is a medium for creating images, drawings and stories. The customized Kiarostami Moleskine became an extension of the photography exhibit, as one of Kiarostami's images, tall, broad tree trunks in hues of green, was printed on the notebook's specially designed paper band and brochure insert. The logos of MoMA and P.S. 1 were debossed on its cover. The brochure insert included detail information about the films and images shown at the screening and photography exhibit.
The notebook and brochure comprised an exclusive gift for the guests of the museum who attended the celebration following the opening of the film program, among whom was Abbas Kiarostami himself. Moleskine designed a third piece for the event, a cahier that was foil stamped in gray with the name of the event, carrying the MoMA and P.S. 1 logos stamped in black foil on its front. Moleskine ensured that MoMA was able to distribute cahiers as a gift to everyone who attended the screening of Kiarostami's A Taste of Cherry, which proceeded the celebration.

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Kiaro_11.jpg Kiaro_09.jpgAs a communications partner for Abbas Kiarostami: Image Maker, Moleskine was well placed to help MoMA share the spirit of this great artist with its guests. Moleskine's flexibility enabled MoMA to offer a hardcover notebook, a full-color brochure insert and a plain cahier at the event, covering a diversity of audiences and needs.