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Fiac-hp.jpgFIAC, which stands for International Fair of Contemporary Art, is the most important art fair in France.Modelled on the Fiera di Bâle in Switzerland, the first FIAC took place in 1974 as the International Salon of Contemporary Art.

Fiac-interna1.jpgThe 2007 fair, which was the thirty-fourth (from October 17th to 22nd), boasted three exhibit sites: the Grand Palais, the Cour Carréè in the Louvre, and the Garden of the Tuileries. New arrivals, special projects, large-scale works, and design were featured at the Grand Palais. Emerging artists were at the Cour Carréè, with projects from overseas at the Tuileries. The event kept its goal, which was to compete with the most prestigious fairs in the world, always in mind, making use of an ever larger part of the city and also furnishing a point of reference for all those who found themselves in Paris during contemporary art week. One hundred eighty-one galleries participated in FIAC 2007, slightly less than half from France and the rest from overseas, including both the art world elite and the most interesting newcomers ready to be discovered.


This year's fair confirmed a desire for renewal as well as an interest in special projects such as the TCI (Young Curators Invitational) program, which has the Ricard Enterprise Foundation as a partner and which promotes meetings and dialogue between members of the emerging generation of curators and intellectuals. The Marcel Duchamp Prize, created in 2000 by the collectors of contemporary art at ADIAF (the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art) has had continued success in its aim of advancing the reputation of an artist resident in France in the field of the plastic and visual arts. In 2007 the prize was awarded to Tatiana Trouvè, an artist of Italian origin living in Paris.

Fiac-interna3.jpgMoleskine participated in the event with a very refined product specifically designed to meet the needs of FIAC's visitors. It took the form of a personalized notebook with the event's logo in a memo version with expandable pockets capable of holding everything needed, from the very personal invitation to a booklet listing all the must-see places in Paris.

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