Giorgio Vigna

"Giorgio Vigna combines the natural with the artificial, poor and rich, familiar elements with daring fantasies. Vigna, in fact, treads the unusual ground between the real world and the imaginary one, and his creations have the fascination of objects that live in dreams, both familiar and strange", this the description of Vigna's work by Maria Sebregondi. Born in Verona 1955, Giorgio Vigna spent his formative years in art school. His first working experiences were in the theatre as costume and set designer

Vigna_01.jpgHe experimented with traditional marbling techniques, later applying them to porcelain, ceramic, paper, fabric, wood and glass. His work for the theatre includes designing fabrics for the costumes of Othello by Enrico Job at the 43rd Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. At the same time he designed and created jewellery and sculpture, expanding his research on glass from 1997 thanks to an intense collaboration with Venini.
Among his collections "Fuochi d'acqua" (2002), "Talismani" (1998), the first Venini glass jewellery collection and the glass pieces limited edition "Fior d'acqua" (1999).

Vigna_03.jpgIn 1998 he was invited by the International Glass Research Center of Nuutajarvi, Finland, to organise a workshop on glass jewellery for the students of Hame Polytechnic.
In this occasion he was in contact with the Finnish company Iittala, specialised in glass, and from this collaboration Iittala birds line was born - launched on international markets in 2007.
His creations also appears in several movies, among others "Io ballo da sola" by Bernando Bertolucci, "Le fate ignoranti" by Ferzan Ozpetek, "Agata e la tempesta" by Silvio Soldini.
Moleskine became a precious catalogue to gather Giorgio Vigna's work on occasion of a personal exhibition at the Design Museum in Helsinky Museo del Design di Helsinky from the 4th to 27th May 2007.

The notebook has top quality heavy paper for one's drawings and tempera colours, perfect place for an artist to sketch. At the end of the catalogue, a light paper flier with a list of creations and its related information, a complete author's biography and photographic credits.