absolute-header.jpgDoes creativity require a special kind of space? Well, given total liberty, creativity has no particular requirements in terms of venue.
It will thrive equally well in a room, a box, a garden, or a ... shipping container.
Working in conjunction with Absolut, the Swedish vodka maker that has established a strong identity as a shaper of media creativity and expression, Moleskine has created an art exhibition in Beijing featuring artist's versions of Moleskine notebooks in an unusual location: in an array of shipping containers scattered through the city's network of streets.

absolute_body01.jpg absolute_body02.jpgEach author lets his imagination running wild on the "Japanese album" version, characterised by 60 zigzag folded pages of top quality heavy paper to collect a new-born idea and see its development.
A full personalised Moleskine: from the blue Absolut band, to the reflected wording (as Moleskine is known to be the legendary notebook used by Paplo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin, Absolut inspired Andy Warhol, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John & Yoko, Arthur Golden, Spike Lee, Biennale and many others), to the bottle shaped barcode.

absolute_body03.jpg absolute_body04.jpgThe brand was born more than 125 years ago and is currently present on 126 markets, other than having gained the third place and being among the first branch's brands, according to Forbes 2002.
For Absolut world amateurs, you can follow the events promoted by the brand and found out the cocktail recipes (strictly with vodka!) for any occasions on www.absolut.org.
Maybe you don't know that "vodka" means "little water" in Russian!