Moma retrospective Rossellini

Roberto Rossellini is a giant among film directors. His work dramatically changed not only the way films were made, but also the place and sense of cinema as a whole within Western culture. It was Rossellini who gave birth to Italian Neo-realism, inspiring generations of filmmakers from the late 1940s until today with naturalistic style that was revolutionary for its time. The Museum of Modern Art in New York celebrated the centennial of Rossellini's birth with a retrospective of his films, and chose Moleskine to create a customized notebook for the event.

MomaRossinterna.jpgThe Rossellini notebook was only the first of several customization projects MoMA has commissioned from Moleskine. MoMA was well aware of the value of the Moleskine name and tradition, given the role the notebooks have played in the development of modern art. As the sketchbook of artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso, the organizers were eager to associate the Moleskine brand with the museum.

MomaRossinterna1.jpgMoMA needed a very special gift for VIP guests attending the opening screening of the series, the masterpiece Rome Open City, including the director's daughter Isabella Rossellini. The centerpiece of the design was Rossellini's signature, which was debossed on the cover and the logo of the museum - foil0-stamped in deep red. This treatment creates a bold look that firmly associates the director and the institution in the minds of recipients. The MoMA logo and the occasion for which the event was organized were silk screened on the flyleaf of the notebook, further increasing the value of the notebook for recipients. To complete the design, Moleskine also created a customized paper band that included the names of Rossellini's best-known films.

MoMA presented the customized Moleskine notebooks to special guests attending the opening of the retrospective, ensuring that the museum's most valued patrons can take home a reminder of its commitment to preserving the work of the cinema's greatest directors.