National Gallery

nationalgallery490.jpgThe National Gallery is one of the most famous museums in the world. Founded in 1824 and located on London's Trafalgar Square, it has a collection that includes important works of art from a variety of periods.


For everyone who wishes to explore this fascinating world of art, Moleskine and the National Gallery have created a unique tool: the Little Red Book twin set.

This special edition is made up of a booklet and a notebook. The booklet is full of information and serves as a guide not only to the paintings in the Gallery but also to the world of art beyond, with many interesting facts and unusual images. If it happens that you want to know which colors were originally made with arsenic and mercury, or the significance of an apple when it appears in a mythological or religious painting, you will find the answer in these pages. A lined notebook accompanies the booklet and is meant to provide a place for your own ideas, whether artistic in nature or not.


Both the booklet and the notebook are personalized with the National Gallery logo embossed on their covers. The logo also appears on the single paper band that wraps them both, along with the words "Little Red Book."

The Little Red Book is available in the Gallery bookshop and also from the Gallery's on-line catalog.

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