shiodome_home.jpgBoth Japan and Italy have a system that favours relevant social, cultural and economical relationships. Exchanges are even more frequent between Japanese architects working in Milan and Italian creativity supporting Japanese companies. In order to spread the Italian culture of the project and Made in Italy, Triennale di Milano has often been involved in promoting its activity abroad in the last few years.
After the great success achieved over 20 countries in the world by the 100 Italian Design objects of the Permanent Collection, an important international project has been developed: the opening of Shiodome Creative Centre in Shiodome, the Tokyo Italian quarter.

shiodome_01.jpgIt is a multifunctional structure where Triennale di Milano manages a "Design Area", about 200 square meters, in which Italian Design presents its Permanent Collection.
Temporary exhibitions about design, art, fashion and Italian culture will be set up in a 700 and 300 square meters space respectively.
Triennale in Shiodome Italia strengthens this cultural relationship and allows a more incisive and firm image of  Italy in Japan.
Thanks to this project, Shiodome will see the main and updated cultural expression of the Italian reality.
It guarantees temporary exhibitions and the first Triennale Permanent exhibition abroad.
In the project, in the execution and in the socio-cultural role of Shiodome Italia, Triennale di Milano and Domus Academy's skills and vision meet. Domus Academy, in fact, works out the concept and the procedures of the new installation.

shiodome_02.jpgDomus Academy was asked to project the quarter entirely, paying attention to the internal and external aesthetics, to the function of the volumes and, most of all, organising the space in Shiodome Italia.
Domus Academy created the link and enabled the agreement between the City of Shiodome and the Triennale di Milano.
A personalised Moleskine could not lack in these spaces where creativity and sharing stand out.

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