Suntory Museum


The Suntory Museum in Osaka is one of the best projects of the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. It explores the relationships between man, water, and architecture, a very important theme for him.

The museum was founded on November 3, 1994, with the support of Suntory, a Japanese producer of liquors. The cultural complex contains a gallery of art and design, an IMAX 3D cinema, a series of shops, and a restaurant. Each of these elements is positioned with regard to the waters of Osaka Bay and the natural environment. The museum extends towards the sea along a piazza that is 300 feet long and 120 feet deep.


The exhibit space is divided in two parts. One part has an open plan for hosting temporary exibits. The other has more well-defined spaces for the works in the permanent collection. This part, known as the Gallery, boasts a collection of more than fifteen thousand works by artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha, and Cassandre.

Moleskine has produced two personalized versions of its legendary notebook for the Suntory Museum, one red and the other black.

The cover is embossed with a reproduction of the building's special architectural shape, while the inside has the museum's logo in gold letters.


This exclusive object was first presented on the occasion of the museum's Picasso exhibit. Besides being a gift to the members of the museum, it is also available in the Suntory Museum Shop.

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