The Armory Show

New York is home to more collectors, galleries, critics and artists than any other city in the world--during The Armory Show, they are joined by thousands of their peers from around the globe for three of the hottest days in contemporary art. The Armory Show came to Moleskine, the creator of notebooks beloved by artists and writers, to create an exclusive gift for exhibitors and curators participating in the show.

armory-body-01.jpgMoleskine is the ultimate medium for artistic expression and has a huge presence in the art world. Art was the primary inspiration for Moleskine notebooks at the beginning, so partnering with The Armory Show was in a sense a return to Moleskine's roots. This helped the organizers of the show understand that Moleskine could be an integral part of the show's communications strategy.
The Armory Show has boldly reinvented the public face of the exhibition every year, asking a contemporary artist to create an image for the fair's posters and marketing collateral. The paper band, which comprises the central visual image for The Armory Show's customized notebook, features a video still from the work of Pipilotti Rist, who was commissioned to create the visual identity for 2007 edition of the event. In addition, The Armory Show logo was foil stamped on the notebook's front in black matte foil, accentuating the forceful, elegant font.

armory-body-02.jpgThe Armory Show is the leading fair devoted exclusively to contemporary art--it's the place where contemporary dealers and artist showcase their best new work. Thanks to the customized Moleskine notebook, The Armory Show lets their most important constituency--the exhibitors--bring the spirit of the event with them wherever they go.