501 Punti di Design

many_points-header.jpg 501 Punti di Design is a traveling exhibition of interactive graphic design. Ministero della Grafica, a graphic design association focused on strategic communications, presented the 501 Punti di Design exhibit at galleries in Milan and Bologna. It invited leading Italian and American graphic designers to create pieces for the New York edition of the show, and called on Moleskine to provide customized cahier notebooks for its many special guests.

many_points-body-01.jpg501 Punti di Design is a presentation of metaphysical art, asking the public to draw the exhibits themselves. Designs commissioned for the exhibition are created by noted artists and graphic designers, who mark down a sequences of dots the public has to follow in order reconstruct their images. Attendees sketch out the designs on posters featuring a grid of 501 points arranged in a matrix measuring 20 points by 25 point (one extra point stands just outside the matrix).
Moleskine created a striking black cahier notebook that was mailed with invitations to the event and handed out as a gift for attendees. The exhibit's name is stamped on the front in white foil. A matrix of numbered points mimics the posters used in the show, integrating the customized Moleskine into the spirit of the exhibition. The numbers and points are stamped in clear foil, ensuring every point is visible and every number is clear and legible.
For Ministero della Grafica, Moleskine managed to capture the participative graphic enagement that audiences experience at the 501 Punti di Design. The flexibility of the Moleskine cahier expanded the show beyond the confines of the gallery, integrating the spirit of interactivity represented by 501 Punti di Design with the legendary notebooks of great writers and thinkers.