It is not a snail, a spiral, or a nautilus. But, for sure, since 1993 it has been the ideal travel companion for anyone who wants an unusual vacation. It is the logo of Clupviaggi, a travel agency that was started at the end of the 1970s in order to serve the university community. For thirty years it has always tried to distinguish itself in the travel business by providing very personalized solutions for the different needs of its clients. Clup works with those who travel for business and those who travel for pleasure. It has a very special formula that enables it to provide itineraries that are worked out down to the smallest detail and continual in-depth advice. The result is a trip conceived for the traveler who does not want "all-included" group tourism but who, at the same time, wishes to avoid the uncertainties of the most extreme "do- it yourself" style.


The somewhat odd logo does not need to be "deciphered" because, in all the shapes that it suggests, it presents the different facets of the agency's activities. In the words of Laura Lonati, who is in charge of travel planning/tour operators, "these images go well with our philosophy. The trips that we propose are the most leisurely possible. It makes us happy to imagine that the people who make use of our advice and our organization are, like us, people who love to make the kinds of discoveries that are available only to the curious traveler, someone who is prepared to linger, without being in a hurry. Like the movement of a spiral, we try to attract and bring within ourselves the positive energies and stimuli that come from outside, so that we can re-work them and bring them into harmony with the world. In the same way, it pleases us to think that the carrying out of new projects created by our agency can be projected outwards to the world by means of that same spiral movement. We love to think about the past, but we try to always be in the avant-garde and up-to-date with everything that contemporary life requires of a dynamic agency." 


In recent years, moreover, ClupViaggi has come to specialize in certain destinations, in particular India and the sub-continent. It has provided support, and not just in an organizational way, to cultural initiatives that have put the general public in contact with many aspects of those fascinating destinations. Among these initiatives are a photography exhibit at the Palazzo Reale in Milan in 1997, a special issue of the magazine "Abitare" in 2006, and a survey of Indian films at the Triennale in Milan. A personalized Moleskine notebook is given to each person who travels with Clup. It is full of simple suggestions, useful, and easy to carry around. 


"With the personalization, which contains not only the logo but also an appropriate phrase (in 2006 it was one by Proust, in 2007 one by Thoreau), we want to remind our clients that we are always there with them for whatever organizational support they might need," says Laura. "Also that we are interested in all the reflections, suggestions, and ideas that they might want to share with us on their return. These are the mirrors through which we can understand the trip."

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