An Analog Icon for Apple

Apple is the premier innovator in the digital world, creating technology for computers, music and entertainment that inspire enormous loyalty among its customers. In the analog world, Moleskine commands a level of enthusiasm and respect among creative professionals, artists and writers that is matched only by the likes of Macintosh computers and iPods. So it's no surprise that Apple turned to Moleskine in order to create a customized Moleskine notebook for its 2007 Worldwide Store Summit.
Moleskine conceived a limited edition notebook as a special gift for summit attendees, providing them with the ultimate analog tool for recording their ideas during the summit. Apple requested an elegant presentation for the design, given that the legendary Apple is among the most recognizable corporate logos, with no need for exaggeration.
From a wide range of possible customizations, Apple went with the most subtle choice, requiring the use of dry debossing to create a very minimalist, simple presentation, but one that stuck with users due to the power of their message. The Apple logo was debossed in the upper right-hand corner of the notebook, while the company's tag line--Small details. Big impact.--was debossed on the bottom edge of the notebook.
A large graph paper notebook was chosen, pared with a striking yellow classic Moleskine paper band. Apple saw the classic paper band as adding value to the overall presentation, making the notebook easily identifiable as an iconic object.
Moleskine produced the notebook in a very short period of time, surprising Apple with its quick turnaround. Since this initial cooperation Apple has become a steady client, relying on Moleskine to help it bridge the digital and analog worlds