ARC'TERYX was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1991, with a mission to build better outdoor gear. Symbolically named after the father of the modern bird, Archaeopteryx Lithographica, the company caters to people who, just like the prehistoric creature, look to escape the horizontal world. The ARC'TERYX design team started with the basics, first focusing on improving the climbing harness and then moving on to create award-winning packs and apparel.

Arcinterna1.jpgDriven by innovation, ARC'TERYX designers strive to challenge assumptions about how outdoor products should be built, and the results have cemented the company's reputation for visionary thinking, groundbreaking advances in construction technology, and unrivaled craftsmanship. What's more, ARC'TERYX has responded to today's increasingly higher standards of social responsibility with a continual re-evaluation of the environmental effects of its operations - something its outdoor-loving customer base can surely be proud of.

Arcinterna2.jpgIn July 2008, ARC'TERYX worked with Moleskine to create a custom notebook with the company's silver logo on its cover, to be used as gifts to clients and distributing stores.