The Cadillac brand needs little, if any, introduction. The elegant cursive script of its logo seems to say it all, exuding confidence, passion, and history - an appropriate image for a company perfecting its craft since 1902, in a city long known as the symbolic center of the U.S. automotive industry: Detroit, Michigan. In what almost seems like an homage to the city, Cadillac's first model was named after the founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Motte Cadillac, an 18th century French explorer. The car was an instant success, generating over two thousand orders on the day of the unveiling. The twentieth century saw Cadillac grow into the multi-award winning company it is today. Universally recognized as a top manufacturer of coveted luxury cars, the company's name has practically become a synonym for excellence.


In December 2007 General Motors and their communications agency, Modernista!, were planning a series of internal events in honor of the Cadillac brand. Modernista! believes in creating "a work environment that fosters responsibility, brilliance, and passion," which is an adequate fit for Cadillac.

For this prestigious client, Modernista! envisioned something subtle, yet refined - something classic, so they approached Moleskine to collaborate on a unique project for Cadillac. Five hundred notebooks were put to press, bearing the Cadillac logo, debossed, at the bottom edge of the front cover, along with a simple orange paper band. The notebooks were presented as gifts to business partners and employees at Cadillac's headquarters in Detroit.