Estrategia Total

Estra490px.jpg Based in Mexico City, Estrategia Total specializes in corporate communications and public relations, offering their clients top-quality consulting in strategic solutions, negotiation processes, and media-related activities. Their model of 360° public affairs integrates successful crisis management, lobbying and government relations with corporate social responsibility, active community outreach, and targeted public relations, addressing each as a practical instrument that contributes to successful problem solving. At the heart of the company is its boutique approach, nurturing solid and long-term relationships with select clients. Estrategia Total designs strategic alliances to strengthen each client's position, and develops effective networks in politics, business and media. It promotes corporate values within the communities, governments and regions where the client has operations, and lobbies for regulation reform when needed. In building relationships with the right people and the right organizations, the company strives to be the best, not the biggest.

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For its second holiday project with Moleskine, Estrategia Total used a custom red notebook to extend its best wishes for 2009 to reporters, top colleagues, VIP, friends and clients. The book was branded with a subtle deboss of the company logo and a festive paperband.