Groundbreaker. Visionary. Godfather of American cinema. Auteur. Genius. Since his directorial debut in 1963, Francis Ford Coppola has inspired an endless outpouring of honorifics and superlatives. For over three decades, he has applied the masterful touch that he brings to filmmaking to craft superior, distinctive wines, which are now incorporated under the banner of Francis Ford Coppola Presents. Unsatisfied with just a simple winery, Coppola has transformed the California-based undertaking into a brand that reflects his own dedication to pleasure, adventure, and knowledge.

FFCExpanding on the generations-old Coppola tradition of producing homemade wine, Francis and his wife Eleanor founded the winery in the Napa Valley on the famed Inglenook Estate. They pride themselves on maintaining it as a destination for anyone interested in gathering with friends and family. It's a place where one can endlesslyexplore the spectacular setting and its varied offerings, and enjoy the Easter egg hunts, Mother's Day celebrations, and countless special events that entertain visitors of all ages.
Coppola regards both winemaking and filmmaking as art forms, and the identity of FFC Presents embraces their thematic intersections.
Myth, history, geography, love--they are not solely the hallmarks of great cinema.
These crossover elements play an essential role in crafting and packaging singular wines.
The FC Reserve collection celebrates the diverse wine-growing regions of Sonoma; the Director's Cut label upholds the filmmaker's uncompromising standards and unique vision; Rosso & Bianco products recall the venerated custom of Coppola's father and uncles, whose homemade wines always had a place at the table; inspiration for the Sofia line, crafted to capture the romance of the female spirit, came from Coppola's own daughter.

The two art forms literally intersect in the annual Theater Movie Contest for the best short film about wine--an ideal event for a brand that engages and communicates with aesthetes and gastronomes alike.
FFC Presents' dedication to knowledge has also generated another interactive undertaking: The Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia (knoWine.com), an in-depth, sophisticated guide for the inquisitive drinker. Based on the understanding that "wine is not just wine," it takes visitors on a bold and surprising journey through the world's 71 wine-producing regions.

FFC Presents created whimsical tickets to introduce the site and inserted them at random into "Encyclopedia" notebooks, customized with embossed terms representing the winery's core values. This tangible representation of the brand communicates to recipients the identity of FFC Presents, while inviting them to embrace the traveler's spirit to explore and generate their own unique perspectives on the winery's products and character.