Juniper Park

juniper490.jpgJuniper Park is a young, dynamic ad agency based in Toronto. President and Chief Strategist Jill Nykoliation and Creative Directors Barry Quinn, Terry Drummond and Alan Madill bring their complementary expertise to create branding and design for new companies, as well as pointing other, established brands into new directions. Launched in April 2007, Juniper Park has already generated significant buzz in the business, working with clients like Starbucks Coffee, Lay's, Quaker, Virgin Mobile and the Red Cross, and growing from a team of 5 to nearly 60 in just two years.

In July 2009, in a pedestrian tunnel of the Chicago subway system, potatoes began to sprout from the ceiling. Nearby, an ad for Lay's chips declared, "Our potatoes are grown closer than you think." The attention-getting strategy behind the ad was conceived, months before, by the Juniper Park team. Despite its Canadian address, and long list of Canadian clients, Juniper Park's most high-profile work has been in the United States, and for Frito-Lay in particular, which owns SunChips, Lay's and Quaker rice snacks. 



Two different sets of Moleskine volant notebooks, one with high-intensity colors, the other with a lighter palette, were created for the agency in December 2009. Each notebook features a different slogan, among these, "Opportunities aren't given, they're made," "Take your work seriously and yourself, less so," and "Don't just sit there, create something," all in bold capital type embossed on the cover. The agency's logo is embossed on the back cover and is featured in repetition on the paper band enveloping each set. Juniper Park gave these out as gifts to the firm's VIPs.