Medina Factory

Medina Factory

Medina Factory was created by Wouter Boits and Marc Besson in order to offer creativity and marketing services. It is located in Deurne, in Belgium.

The firm is organized in three sections. The first one is "Attention," dedicated to sales promotion and marketing. It looks after all phases of the process, from concept to logistics, and from support to coordination, for all the promotional activities of the clients.

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The second section, known as "Twins," specializes in events marketing and the resulting contacts. It works with a wide range of events, with great attention to detail. Some events are within the client company only, and others are aimed at the general public, from road shows to product launches.

The third section is "Viktor." Dedicated to cultural events, it is the link between producers and organizers of important events on the one hand and businesses and consumers on the other.

Medina Factory

Moleskine, with its tireless factory of ideas and projects, produced a personalized notebook dedicated to the clients and staff of Medina Factory. The triple power of the three sections was transformed into a graphic image that reproduces the logos of Attention, Twins, and Viktor on the cover. The introductory page describes the activities of Medina Factory and serves as an important reminder for those who have engaged its valuable services.

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