Moleskine and Kickers

Loosing yourself in Paris is a marvellous experience. If however, after having experienced  the pleasure of wandering aimlessly  the French capital you would like to orientate yourself, a guide can be a useful thing. Kickers has announced the opening of its new store in Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie using the Moleskine City Notebook.

The choice wasn't casual but defined by two specific reasons, one poetic and the other practical: the first one is that Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie is the location where Chatwin restocked on his favourite notebook, the second is that Moleskine City Notebook is an excellent guide. Inside the guide you can find detailed maps of each zone of Paris  and a  precious tube map. Furthermore, there are many ways to note down places to visit , explore and remember: the practical micro stickers that lists the main attractions, the personalised planner, the removable contact paper that can be applied to the maps to indicate a specific place of interest.

Kickers_02.jpg Kickers_03.jpgKickers wanted to use the personalized banderole of  Moleskine to indicate, with precision, the location of it new concept store and a postcard illustrating its "ingredients".
For those of you who want to get to know the pleasures of wandering around (in Paris and the world):