O' Reilly


With perpetually updated online news and commentary, a widely popular series of "animal books" for software developers, a roster of alpha-geek and business-savvy blog authors, a magazine, and even a school of technology, it is safe to say that the many branches of the O'Reilly media company like to keep themselves busy. Founded in 1978, O'Reilly is headquartered in Sebastopol, CA, with satellite offices in Cambridge, MA, the UK, Germany, Japan, and China. At the company's core is their "unshakeable belief in the power of information to spur innovation." From the print and online media referred to above, to the slew of conferences and summits organized throughout the year, it is clear that the company does not believe in the myth of the solitary genius - they believe in a community of thinkers, alpha-geeks and business leaders who aren't afraid to spread the word, and who know they need each other to shape revolutionary ideas.


O'Reilly's ambitious mission to "connect people to the information they need" has made ample use of new media resources - the O'Reilly website encourages its users to stay connected through newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Make magazine, a publication devoted entirely to DIY technology products, is offered digitally as well as in print, and the magazine's website houses a blog, podcasts and videos, and an open forum for anyone with technology-related questions. Amidst this slew of initiatives, the company makes sure to keep its well-versed, highly discriminating user base in mind at all times, stating that they want anything produced with the O'Reilly name to be "useful, interesting, and truthful." They add, "we believe that there are plenty of intelligent people in the world who value those qualities as deeply as we do."


When concocting a gift idea for those "intelligent people" at the top of the company's list, namely colleagues, clients, VIPs and friends, O'Reilly set aside new media for a mere moment and went to Moleskine to have a notebook produced - a notebook for good ideas. The paperband provides encouragement - "work on stuff that matters," it reads - and the book's blank pages are the outlet.