Polaroid490.jpgIt is impossible to predict when something exciting will come along. So it would be very useful to have something that can help you capture the precise moment without spoiling it at the same time. Polaroid and Moleskine have much in common. They are both dedicated to the possibility of collecting and saving those moments that should be remembered.

In the digital era Polaroid has reinvented the instant photograph with the Polaroid PoGo portable printer. It is slim, easy to use, and it lets you print the photos that you want to share with others no matter where you happen to be.

The PoGo can be used with your cell phone and with any digital camera. It works with either a USB cable or Bluetooth, and lets you have prints of your memorable moments right there on the spot.

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Moleskine is an ideal partner for anyone seeking to preserve a sudden emotion and it has worked with Polaroid on a special limited-edition product for carrying the printer. It is a custom-made notebook in the Japanese album style that becomes an illustrated diary in which you can hold your photos. It is a portable kit, a necessary item, light in weight, and ready to be transformed into a personal narrative of words and images.

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A gallery of notebooks can be seen on-line at: http://www.polapremium.com/shop/accessories/ac_pogo_se_edition

The limited edition notebook is available on-line only at: : www.polapremium.com