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Today's world is different to yesterdays. It may seem banal to say, but it is not to those who live daily this fast transformation dictated by progress finding they have to relate to an unrecognisable territory, where the defined dichotomy between the metropolis and the countryside doesn't exist any more.
However there exists a new spatial order, where the fabric is no longer only a place of work but is "the first place of dialogue with the community that companies come in contact with" (Paolo Feltrini, architect).

Ven_03.jpgThe Region Veneto, distinct in its industrial history, fell necessary to redefine places of production, modifying forms and roles, to enable a change in their approach of the territory, both logistically and structurally.
Continuing with the initiative begun in 2006, the Region continued, in 2007, the analysis of the most significant events of the last 10 years.
The 2007 Moleskine Notebook, personalised with the Region logo, includes a volume listing the most important projects that contributed in the remodelling of the landscape, both in terms of productivity and urbanism that guaranteed a better quality of life.

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A journey across designers that once again put in conflict "yesterdays world" and the contemporary, with solutions that unite functionality and aesthetic, creating new spaces a redefining the roles of old buildings.
The architect Paola Pierotti illustrates some examples "Structures tightly connected with internal activities, high tech materials along side those closer to traditions, buildings parts of the suburbs or just related to themselves".

"A retrospective of projects as a challenge to the near future, hoping that the new places of production can become a network able to bring quality and wellness to the territory".

Paola Pierotti, architect

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