490px.jpg In a time where global communication is perpetually undergoing profound and rapid change, Ribbit, or "Silicon Valley's First Phone Company," brings together telephony, computer and internet professionals striving to set voice free to move beyond the device. Broadly defining itself as an "open platform for telephony innovation," Ribbit is making strides towards the future of technology, where, as they see it, customers will expect to get all their communication media from a single source, or a single device, over a single network, regardless of location. With this end in mind, Ribbit's goals are two-fold: to create the tools developers need, and to create an entire "developer success ecosystem" to guarantee that developers can also market and sell their voiceware applications around the globe. In a giant step towards a new, converged global communications industry, the Ribbit Platform went live at the 2008 Adobe MAX Conference, held November 17-19 in San Francisco. Previously open only to selected developers, the platform is now in the public domain, allowing any developer, integrator or carrier around the world to design, test, deploy and manage their software-based telephony services, with just about any industry in mind, from travel and hospitality, to retail, legal and financial services, or the non-profit world.


With phones and computers merging into a new category of hybrid communication tools, the Ribbit Platform fosters innovation in order to accelerate the creation of this new class of applications, and to empower the market that will emerge from it. From their presentation booth at Adobe MAX, Ribbit handed out analog platforms for innovation: 2,000 custom Moleskine notebooks were used to spread the word about Ribbit.com and its gateway to the future of voiceware technology.