The Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Need to move 15 million barrels of sweet Texas crude before next Wednesday? Looking for a futures contract on soybeans? Want to dump all those subprime mortgage-backed securities that are killing your bottom line? If so, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is the place for you. In 2006, the CME facilitated over one billion trades, with a total value of more than $800 trillion, making it the largest marketplace for options and futures contracts in the world. In addition to these hallmark products, the CME trades a broad spectrum of financial instruments, including equities, currencies and commodities. With the CME undergoing a major international expansion, including its recent purchase of the competing Chicago Board of Trade, it was looking for a communications tool for reaching out to a wildly diverse audience of partners and clients. The CME chose Moleskine for its reputation as a preferred tool of technologically savvy urban professionals.

CME-interna.jpgThe CME needed the perfect gift for employees and business partners in its Chicago and London offices, something that could tell the story of the exchange's broad range of products and services to potential clients. Seven different notebook layouts were developed, using designs that matched the exchange's existing line of marketing materials. CME immediately recognized the value of the Moleskine paper band as a perfect messenger for the exchange, and appreciated the way it could bring color and energy to the overall customization.

Each layout featured a unique paper band describing different CME products, including real estate and derivatives, equities, currency exchange and others. The paper bands were paired with a large ruled Moleskine, blind debossed with the CME's logo and the contact information for each of its global offices, silk-screened on the flyleaf. A small insert detailing the CME's products was also included in a limited number of notebooks. The CME logo was blind debossed on the cover of each notebook.

The notebook was a hit with CME staff, who were able to share a sought-after gift with their many customers and clients. In fact, they were so popular that the exchange can barely keep up with demand, ordering one more edition of the customized Moleskine notebooks for its global offices. For more information on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, please visit