Alma Mater Lipsiensis

Almamater Lipsiensis 490.jpgBreaking down barriers: this is the ambitious mission transformed into 600 years of achievement by the University of Leipzig. Established in 1409, it stands out for the wide range of choice offered to its students (which number important names such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Werner Heisenberg and Angela Merkel), through 14 faculties and 200 science subjects. The University of Leipzig plays a leading role in the European academic world, through its varied and dynamic research projects, its interdisciplinary mentality and its constant growth, promoting the collaboration between science and economy. The success of this innovative approach is confirmed by the number of students enrolled in the institute, which is constantly on the up, and by the presence of professors and lecturers from across the globe.

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For the Leipzig Jubilee, Moleskine has designed a special notebook, meeting the needs of an increasingly active city from all points of view: as a commercial, cultural and trade centre. This exclusive City notebook features the logo of the Alma Mater Lipsiensis and a timeline of its most historical moments over 600 years of activity on the cover and paper band. It is a one-stop guidebook, encompassing several precious elements produced especially for this edition: 50 pages on the history of the University; a street map indicating public transport routes (day and night timetables) and the various university departments (specifying their details and indicating them on the map); a wide range of stickers, chosen in collaboration with the Tourist Board; 80 blank pages; and an inner pocket, in which to store one's mementos of the city.

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This special edition has been presented during the events surrounding the Leipzig Book Fair, from 13 to 16 March 2009. Yet another good reason to break down barriers, and discover this city of many surprises.

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