Dartmouth University

Dartmouth is one of the oldest and most well known universities in the United States. A member of the Ivy League, the private, four-year liberal arts institution, nestled between the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Green Mountains of Vermont, boasts a competitive undergraduate residential college as well as first-rate graduate and professional programs. The College was founded in 1769 by Reverend Eleazor Wheelock for the education of the "Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land...and also of English Youth and many others." It was named in honor of the Second Earl of Dartmouth who, during his term as Secretary of State for the Colonies under King George III, became the College's sponsor. Dartmouth's first baccalaureate degrees were awarded in 1771 to no more than four students.

dartmouthinterna.jpgToday, each incoming class numbers at more than 1,000 undergraduates who are offered a roster of hundreds of classes across 29 academic departments. The college offers myriad opportunities for independent research and an extensive range of off-campus programs.

Professional programs at Dartmouth date back to 1797 with the founding of Dartmouth Medical School, the nation's fourth-oldest medical school. Today the graduate school, comprised of 1,600 students, offers professional programs in medicine, engineering and business, in addition to doctorates in the arts and sciences.

Like all comparable private institutions in the United States, pursuing this tradition of excellence depends largely on the college's endowment. Reaching out to alumni and inspiring them to include Dartmouth in their charitable planning is of paramount importance for the continued growth of the institution. The Bartlett Tower Society, responsible for inspiring this special form of philanthropy, and aptly named after the tower inspired by President Samuel Colcord Bartlett as a symbol of building upon the past for the benefit of the future, commissioned 1,500 pocket-sized cahiers from Moleskine, which were sent as gifts to key alumni.