Fondazione Scuola Torino

Fondazionescuolatorino490.jpgSharing plans and the emotions that go with them is an important part of human relationships.

With this in mind, the Foundation for the School of the Society of St. Paul in Turin has organized a project called "From School to City." It is aimed at secondary schools with a high percentage of students who are immigrants and is designed to promote the integration of Italian students and foreign ones. The goal of the initiative is to create cohesiveness through sensitization to themes such as respect and the validation of diversity, and the sharing of experiences and courses of study.

The students who take part are given a "backpack of citizenship" with valuable tools for living in the city. These include a Turin City Notebook that is personalized on the inside with the silkscreened logo of the Foundation. The notebook contains useful information for exploring the city and it also enables each student to add his or her own special annotations. There is an admission pass for museum visits as well as entry to the many activities produced in collaboration with the cultural institutions and associations of the city. There are books such as "Turin Is My Home" as well as multimedia products about Turin that show all the many facets of the city.

The kit is really something unique, containing as it does the means to help one get one's bearings as well as the cultural offerings and the impressions one has after experiencing them. All as a way to discover and share with one's companions the most interesting places in the city: an experience to remember and to be renewed every day.