Harvard University

Harvard University Graduate School of Design incorporates field trips into its course content to complement class instruction and expose students to different creative environments. Whatever the destination, Harvard students are expected to record their thoughts, ideas and sketches for critical analysis back in the classroom--customized Moleskine notebooks are Harvard's tool of choice for such events, providing its students with the best medium for the task.
The pocket size Moleskine sketchbook is the perfect companion for design students, since it fits conveniently in a bag or pocket, letting the user note down ideas and concepts immediately. Attendees were constantly on the move, so Moleskine's mobility was a distinct advantage.

harvad01.jpgThe university's customized sketchbook was debossed with the Harvard seal, prominently displayed on the upper half of the cover. The sketchbook's thicker, acid-free pages give the notebook the ability to accommodate every artist's chosen medium, whether pencil, watercolor or charcoal. It's an especially good choice for ink, since the pages absorb the pigment without letting the ink bleed through onto the next page.
Harvard chose to pare the notebook with a classic Moleskine paper band, since the university saw this icon of modern design as adding value to the overall presentation, making the notebook easily identifiable as an object of great value. This was not Harvard's first customized Moleskine notebook, and given its enthusiastic reception among both students and professors, it surely won't be its last.